Warrior Soccer Tour Divisions


When registering for local events – each age group includes two choices for registration; a higher bracket and a lower bracket.  Teams that consider themselves to be more competitive should select the higher bracket and teams that consider themselves to be less competitive should select the lower bracket.


Example choices for a 2008 team: 2007/2008 Division = More competitive 2008 teams  2008/2009  Division = Less competitive 2008 teams


Teams that play in the more competitive division for their age group will receive a 60 point “play up” bonus in the National Rankings, plus an additional 5 points for each “older” team they play against.

As each T2 Sporting tournament is a different mix of ages and skill levels, all division placements will be will be reviewed by the tournament director and teams may, at the sole discretion of the tournament director, be moved up or down to form the most competitive brackets possible.




T2 Sporting Soccer tournaments accept male and female teams ages 6 to adult.  T2 Sporting uses Calendar Year age divisions.  Teams should register based upon the birth year of their oldest player. High School division should be chosen for teams ages 16 – 18 (max birth year of 2002) and Adult divisions for teams with players 19 and above. Co-ed teams are accepted in our events but may have to play in the all-male age division


For example: if the oldest player on your team was born on 9/1/2010,  the team would register for the “2010” division.